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Don’t just add any space to your home; add an incredible space. Whether you’re considering an ADU or a deck for your home, we can help you get a well-designed and long-lived space. As deck builders in San Leandro, we have connections to get top-quality wood and composite. As ADU builders in San Leandro, we know the local laws about building these units and can ensure yours is legal. Learn about the many other reasons to work with us below.

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Why Build an ADU?

An ADU, or an accessory dwelling unit, is a small addition to your home that has all the functions of a stand-alone home, including a kitchen and a bathroom. The possibilities for this kind of space are endless. Rent it out, allow your family to live in it, use it as a home office, a workshop or an entertainment space.

What are the unique challenges of building an ADU? As essentially a small home within a home, ADUs need to be integrated into the existing systems of the home, including plumbing, electricity and HVAC. The ADU should also feel consistent with the rest of the home. It can be more stylish but shouldn’t be jarring. Also, it is very important that the ADU be personalized for your unique needs. As a small space, it will need to be well-designed in order to be used for what you want.

At Soto Bay Construction, we specialize in ADU builds and know how to overcome the unique challenges in building them. Trust us to make you an incredible ADU.

our team specializes in building ADU's

San Leandro’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Restrictions

Most cities in the Bay Area have very specific requirements when it comes to ADU construction, and San Leandro is no different.

San Leandro differentiates between the type of ADU, with restrictions ranging from junior ADUs (smaller ADUs that share a bathroom with the primary property) to detached ADUs for multi-family use.

The most common option in San Leandro is a detached ADU for multi-family use, which are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Max ADUs per parcel: 2
  • Max square footage: 850 sqft for a studio or 1 br, or 1,000 sqft for a 2 br
  • Max height: 16 ft
  • Independent entrance required
  • Kitchen: full kitchen, refrigerator, counters, and a stove
  • No additional parking required

There are also square foot restricts based on total lot size and zoning district, which is why it’s crucial that you work with a licensed ADU specialist to avoid any potential pitfalls that could delay or impede your construction project.

Learn more about San Leandro’s ADU restrictions »

accessory dwelling unit bedroom with skyline views
private deck of ADU project

Deck Design and Installation

Our team is fully equipped to install many kinds of deck, so you can achieve the perfect look and feel for your backyard:

  • Wood decks
  • Patio decks
  • Covered decks
  • Pool decks
  • Split level decks
  • Porch decks
  • Cedar and redwood decks
  • Tropical hardwoods
  • Composite decks
  • Treated lumber decks
  • Decking stairs
  • Deck drainage
  • And more

Our lumber is sourced from Economy Lumber Company in Oakland, a trusted local supplier that has served the Bay Area since 1935.

We also offer a wide variety of joist, fastener, railing, beams, and staining options to achieve unique looks that you’ll love. Working with an experienced decking designer is the best way for a homeowner to get the perfect custom deck installation to complement their landscaping and transform their outdoor living space.

Custom deck installation in San Leandro with natural redwood railing and reclaimed decking
redwood deck installed by our team

Things to Consider for Your Deck

While a deck is not an undertaking quite like an ADU, many contractors still underestimate them. We don’t. We know that you want a deck that will enrich your outdoor space and your life. That will be low-maintenance and last for years. We take the time to design and build a deck that will meet all your needs and wants. Here are some things we should consider together for your deck:

  • Privacy: Will your deck have enough privacy? We can add privacy features to make it more comfortable.
  • Safety: Depending on the elevation of your deck, railings might be a requirement. But even if they’re not, new railings, balusters, and post caps can make your deck both safer and more attractive.
  • Materials: Decking material choice is very important in deck building. Should you choose a wood or a composite? Pressure treated? Stained? We can help you assess your budget and style needs to choose a deck board style you’ll cherish.
  • Space and elevation: Where should your deck go? Will it need to have an unusual space or curves? Should it have levels to take advantage of elevation changes in your yard or make separate spaces for separate purposes?

We’ll help you answer these and other questions about your deck build and create a space that you’ll be happy with for the long term. All of our decks are built with pressure-treated joists, deep foundations, sturdy framing, and high-quality fasteners to ensure a safe, long-lasting deck.

Let’s Get Started

We offer honest pricing with every estimate so you have no surprises. Our project deadlines are met in a timely fashion. We provide exceptional attention to detail in all of our designs and construction, whether decks or ADUs. We are highly responsive to customer service and we answer all of your questions. Let us help you achieve the project you desire. Give us a call today.