Deck & ADU Construction in Milpitas, CA

Homeowners who want to remodel their home might consider having a deck or ADU installed. Both of these are major remodeling options that make your outdoor living or your everyday life much better. If you’re not using the ADU yourself, you can benefit from renting it or hosting friends and family.

At Soto Bay Construction, we offer nothing but the best in ADU installation and deck construction to improve your property’s practicality, flexibility, and value. We offer only high quality design-and-build services so that your improvements will last for many years to come. Plus, just look at the fantastic designs we can achieve.

a deck design and construction done by our experts
accessory dwelling unit with modern vertical wood slat cladding
an ADU extension created by our dedicated team

Professional ADU Construction in Milpitas

Whether you call it an ADU, an accessory dwelling unit, a mother-in-law house, a granny flat, or a carriage house, an ADU is one of the best ways to expand your home.

In many ways, an ADU is less of a room expansion and more like creating a separate small home that includes the essential functions of a proper house. You’ll find a complete range of essentials including a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom in our ADU designs.

ADU layout and essential systems such as framing, roofing, siding, HVAC and plumbing are just as important as the fixtures and finishes. We always create high quality designs that will meet or exceed the quality of the main home on the property.

We always collaborate with you to determine what you need and how we can get you that within your budget. Your new living space should work with your intended needs: from a rental space to a home office or a man cave/she shed. All ADUs need a kitchen and bathroom too, so why not make them outstanding, low maintenance and exactly your style? We can help.

Why Build an ADU on Your Property?

Accessory dwelling units give you so much flexibility, and it’s normal for their usage to evolve over time.

  • Housing for elderly parents
  • Long-term or short-term rental
  • Guest house
  • Work from home office
  • Backyard art studio or recording booth
  • Extra space for growing family

California’s ADU laws are extremely favorable to ADU construction right now, meaning that there has never been a better time to build one (or several!) ADUs on your property.

Deck Design and Construction

Every deck we construct is properly supported, structurally sound, and designed to give you many years of enjoyment and use. We focus on handling a range of tiny details whether that includes the type of hardware or the deck railing you choose. When we are building your deck, we can help you decide the best choice of materials, whether you are looking to match your pergola and fencing, or looking to make a statement with a stand-out deck idea.

For wood decks, we work with a range of suppliers that can give us a variety of wood species to give you the look you want in your new deck. No matter what grain and wood tone you like, we can help you find the best wood species to meet your expectations for your decking boards.

When it comes to composite decking products, we can set you up with the right one match the level of quality you are searching for. We’ll work with you and your budget to choose the composite that gives you the longest lifespan while staying within your budget.

Your Deck on Your Terms

A great deck is more than a few pieces of wood, anchored to the ground.

A great deck should completely transform your outdoor living space, which is why it’s important to get the look, feel, and features right for your lifestyle. That includes making decks in unusual shapes, with stairs and rails. Also consider high end features like recessed lighting, overhead shades, integrated planter boxes, and other features.

If you have features in mind that you want to explore, the best thing you can do is contact us to speak with one of our designers. They will help you understand your options and the impact they will have on pricing, installation, and build time.

our pros finished a deck construction in Milpitas, CA

Your Decking Options

Building a great deck starts with choosing the right decking materials for you. We can advise any homeowner what they should choose for their lumber, fasteners and even other material needed for their deck designs. In the meantime, consider these options:

  • Composite decking: Composite deck boards are made of organic materials and plastics. These days, there are many composites which offer realistic textures and feel, including Trex. When you build a deck made of composite, the top advantage is that it requires less maintenance and lasts longer than most real woods. They don’t require staining either.
  • Hardwood options: If you want a real wood deck, you should choose a hardwood that can withstand the stress of use. There are many high quality options out there, including Redwood, Ipe, Teak, Oroko and more. Some of these can take a stain well, while others are best in their rich, natural color.

We suggest that you avoid adding wood decking make of your typical treated lumber or pressure-treated wood. It does not offer the performance or aesthetics that most homeowners are looking for in a deck board. Talk to your deck designer about the best decking material for you.

Why Choose Soto Bay Construction

When it comes to a deck or ADU construction project in Milpitas, we pride ourselves on providing you with:

  • An exceptional attention to detail in everything we design and construct
  • The meeting of project deadlines and timelines
  • Honest pricing at the time of our estimates with no surprises
  • Quality and responsive customer service for any questions
  • A satisfaction guarantee in our design and construction process
our pros finished a deck construction in Milpitas, CA

Let’s Get Started

We offer honest pricing with every estimate so you have no surprises. Our project deadlines are met in a timely fashion. We provide exceptional attention to detail in all of our designs and construction, whether decks or ADUs. We are highly responsive to customer service and we answer all of your questions. Let us help you achieve the project you desire. Give us a call today.