ADU and Deck Builder in Emeryville

More homeowners across the United States are hiring ADU builders to improve the quality of their yards and increase the overall property value. However, finding the right company for the job is more challenging than you think. Soto Bay Construction has years of experience and a stellar track record of exceeding clients’ expectations without compromising quality or the budget.

Whether you need a professional ADU or deck contractor for various home improvement projects, you can rely on us for exceptional construction services. We leverage industry-standard equipment, proven strategies, and extensive experience to ensure you get your money’s worth with every project. Here are reasons you to work with ADU builders from Soto Bay Construction.

an ADU built in Emeryville by our pros
our team is focused on customizing our prefab ADUs to satisfy clients’ needs

Quality Deck Design

There are many broken-down decks in Emeryville that are safety hazards. It disappoints us to see so many DIY jobs or work from general contractors that end up detracting value from a home, not adding to it. We have the knowledge and skill to do much better work than this.

We don’t just meet building codes, we also construct your deck in such a way that it will last for years and still look professional. That includes focusing on how to get the deck truly square, level, and properly attached to your home without causing foundation or drainage issues. We can also pull off a more complete design than other deck builders, including unusual features like multiple deck surfaces, a circular shape, embedded lighting, embedded outlets, and much more.

There is more to building a deck than aesthetics. Work with us and get professionals who care about the strength of every joist and placement of every foundation footing.

Better Materials, Better Deck

You have two main options when it comes to deck materials: real hardwoods and composite woods. While there are a range of products in each category, you’ll find that choosing between these two is an important step to finding the very best material option for your deck boards. Our deck designers can help. Here are a few things you should know about them:

  • Real wood: Choosing a real wood is a great way to ensure your deck looks natural and has a great deal of charm and beauty. However, you’re also signing yourself up for some maintenance work, including cleaning, staining and sealing. Some varieties of wood need no maintenance, or much less maintenance. And choosing between hardwood options like teak, ipe, redwood, cedar and others is often a joy for homeowners. You can get some unique woods that make your deck stand out, and we can help you choose.
  • Composite wood: New options for composite wood, like Trex and others, have significantly improved on the texture of composite wood. They are mixtures of real wood, adhesives, and plastics, but can achieve a texture that looks very close to natural. You’ll never have to stain a composite decking, and it is available in a huge range of colors to suit your tastes. You’ll also never have to deal it and it may end up lasting longer than real wood just because it is easier to keep up with the much less maintenance it needs. Cleaning it is wise, but even that task is easier with composite decking. We can help you choose the right composite decking product.

Note that we never recommend you choose a pressure-treated lumber or a softwood for your deck. No part of your deck, from railings to footing, should be made from these materials because they warp, get water damage, and break early. They are simply not of a high enough quality to build a deck with.

High-Quality Construction

We believe in providing high-quality construction services that comply with local and state codes and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our ADU builders design safe, durable, and consistent units, so you can rest assured knowing your construction is in the hands of professionals. Soto Bay Construction ADUs exceed the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes and your expectations in quality.

a high-quality bathroom construction done by our ADU builders
our team is focused on customizing our prefab ADUs to satisfy clients’ needs

Easy Process

As a property owner, you may be tempted to tackle various projects independently. Construction shouldn’t be among them! The process can be overwhelming for the average homeowner, including designing, acquiring permits, site selection, and building. Luckily, with our experts by your side, you don’t have to experience the hassles associated with construction. We work with you from the initial stages to the completion of the project, ensuring you don’t get sidetracked, which often occurs in DIY projects.

Low Prices

As mentioned, we have a stellar track record of customizing our prefab ADUs to satisfy clients’ needs. Our units are built in a controlled environment, guaranteeing scale efficiencies and production. This allows us to offer ADUs at competitive market rates. When you want to install a backyard dwelling unit or maintenance on outdoor spaces, our deck contractor will work with you to ensure you understand the costs associated with the project.

How We Make Quality Spaces

If you’re dreaming of an ADU that will attract all the right tenants and make renting simple, or a high quality deck that will enhance every party you throw, you should work with us. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts when it comes to your home. Whether we are building your ADU or transforming your outdoor living space with a new deck, we ensure that the quality meets or exceeds that of your current home.

  • For your dream ADU: You’re probably most excited about choosing the features and finishes of your ADU, and we’re excited to help you. But, we also pay close attention to the more boring elements of your ADU, like siding, framing, stairs, HVAC and insulation. You won’t see the fasteners in your roof beams, the insulation in the cathedral ceiling, or the plumbing connections to the new sink. But they all matter to get you the quality you need for your investment.
  • For your dream deck: Some might slap together pressure-treated wood and call it a deck, but we won’t. We care about the quality of your decking material and also the other things that make the end result superior, like considering how the railing will perform long term, how to get proper drainage (especially off aa attached wood deck) and how to connect the deck to your home without causing structural issues. When making our deck designs, we also consider how to make your deck work with the other elements of your space, like gardens, a pergola, a pool, fencing and more. Decorative elements like post caps, wood staining, balusters and lighting all matter too.
a high-quality bathroom construction done by our ADU builders

Customizable Designs

Another reason to work with our ADU builders is to have access to a wide range of customizable designs. From interior design looks to floor plans, there are many customizable elements to ensure your preferences are considered. You can choose a mirrored layout, swap flooring materials, and add doors and windows to complement your architecture and overall aesthetics. Even if you want an energy-efficient unit with a smaller carbon footprint, our contractors can make it happen without taking a significant chunk of your finances.

Dedicated Friendly Experts

Our mission is to ease ADU building and installation without breaking the bank or affecting quality. Our expert ADU builders go the extra mile to guarantee your happiness throughout the project. While DIY alternatives seem cost-effective and straightforward, the slightest miscalculation can derail the project, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The best way to avoid such scenarios is to hire a professional construction service with dedicated friendly experts.

Contact us at Soto Bay Construction and talk to our deck contractor about ADU and deck construction. Enjoy exceptional services from a dedicated and well-trained team of contractors.

Let’s Get Started

We offer honest pricing with every estimate so you have no surprises. Our project deadlines are met in a timely fashion. We provide exceptional attention to detail in all of our designs and construction, whether decks or ADUs. We are highly responsive to customer service and we answer all of your questions. Let us help you achieve the project you desire. Give us a call today.