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Your home should be bright, functional, and beautiful on the inside, and outside. You can trust Soto Bay Construction to make it that way, with accessory dwelling unit construction or deck building. Our team can help you maximize your space, add the function you’ve always wanted you home to have and raise its value. Offering more than home remodeling, we provide exceptional residential construction services. As a leading ADU builder and deck builder in Oakland, we know that quality is most important. Our projects won’t just look good, they’ll also stay that way for years to come.

Accessory dwelling unit in Oakland with a marble kitchen island

Quality ADU Construction

Accessory dwelling units, also called granny flats and mother-in-law houses, are small but impactful additions to homes. You can use an ADU to add more living space to your home, allow you to host family for the long-term, or create a rentable space to give you another income stream. Whichever you need, you also need it to be high-quality in order to get maximum value from it.

At Soto Bay Construction, we are versed in all areas of design-build. We are dedicated to all the little details that will make your ADU feel like another part of your home. That includes siding that works with the existing home, layouts that works for your purposes, and just the right kitchen countertop material.

The right materials and finishes are just the start. We ensure that the bones of your ADU, which is everything beneath the drywall are high quality. With proper electrical, HVAC and plumbing, your structure will be ready for anything.

ADUs make great home additions for aging family members, passive revenue streams for renting, guest houses for entertaining, and so much more.

a high-quality ADU built in Oakland by our professional team
Accessory dwelling unit in Oakland with a glass top table and transitional style seating

Why Choose Soto Bay Construction to Build Your ADU?

Those who offer general contracting services just don’t have the skills we do. How does our expertise in construction work benefit you? Especially over using just a general renovation contractor? Here’s how:

  • ADU Legal Specialists: There is a separate set of building rules for ADUs that is slightly different in each city, including Oakland. As specialists, we’re familiar with the rules and not how to construct a legal ADU so that homeowners don’t have to deal with hassles from local governments and building inspections. We handle permits and integration with advanced regulations like LEED.
  • ADU Design Specialists: An ADU is a unique architectural project. It’s small but can include all the major design elements of a home. It takes skill and experience to design an ADU to be beautiful, functional and to fit in with the rest of the home.
  • Smart Budgeting: We have experience working with all kinds of budgets and the pitfalls that tend to happen in the trades and construction industry. We know how to keep an accessory dwelling unit design and construction project on-track to avoid costing you more than you anticipate. That includes smart procurement of materials, coordination of work, and other project manager skills.
  • Superior Build Quality: We’re a construction company with a wide range of our own skills. This keep subcontractors to a minimum so we can focus on quality workmanship, not construction management. Our extensive experience in general contracting has taught us all the necessary skills for full-service construction and remodeling, from framing, roofing, carpentry, masonry, HVAC and plumbing. All of our projects exceed building codes and ADA requirements, making them perfect for evolving uses.
  • Remodels and new construction: Our design team can create your ADU as a new construction, or as a remodel of an existing structure. We can also help you evaluate your options, as well as the impact of any necessary demolition.
  • Quick & accurate estimating: Our hands-on experience with ADU construction projects means we can offer a streamlined and accurate bidding process. You can expect bids from us to be clear and include everything you need or want to know as homeowner or investor.

Where Can I Build an ADU?

Most accessory dwelling units are built as standalone structures in your yard, but they can also be partially attached to your home, built over your garage, or even as a garage remodel. Having one on your property is like having a small custom home on your property.

The laws regarding ADU construction in Oakland are still changing, so feel free to contact us to make sure that your planned placement is viable.

What Can I Use an ADU For?

ADUS are perfect as rental properties, backyard studios, backyard offices, housing for aging parents, and more. They can also be used for entertaining space, including backyard bars, upscale “she-sheds,” or pool houses. Finally, ADUs make great flexible spaces that can be used as a guest room one week, storage the next, and entertaining space after that. Aa skilled construction contractor, with experience in every kind of residential building, Soto Bay Construction can create anything you want. The choice is yours!

What Are The General Restrictions on ADU Construction in Oakland?

Oakland makes it easy to build an ADU that is 800 sqft or less, 16 feet in height or less, and set back from the side and rear property lines by at least 4 feet. You still need a building-permit pre-construction to have a design of this size approved. While East Bay MUD doesn’t require a separate meter, PG&E typically requires a separate gas meter. The fire marshal also requires detached ADUs to have a separate address, so many homeowners opt for separate meters when constructing the property.

Learn more about Oakland’s current restrictions and guidelines for ADUs »

ADU kitchen with modern kitchen island
Jesus saved us a TON of money on our garage ADU conversion. Highly recommend for his professionalism and fair business practices!
Kenton W

What Makes a Great Deck?

Many companies that serve more as a construction manager than true builders will opt for plain decks that don’t do that much for your yard. In the worst cases, the deck will not even meet building code, will be built entirely by a sub-contractor, or will undermine your home construction by improperly attaching to the structure. We hold ourselves to higher standards, creating decks that are exceptionally well constructed and will stand the test of time. We also go beyond, by offering decks with those little details that make them truly marvelous. Trust us for:

  • Curved or unusual decks: We can create decks that fit unusual spaces, including those that curve, have multiple levels, or need to be constructed in two separate pieces and joined by an elegant walkway. The work will be the envy of your local carpenter.
  • Plant-smart design: How will your deck work with your landscaping? It should enhance your plants and work with your garden beds to look great. We also attempt to minimize damage to your existing plants in the construction process. It’s not just our job-site, it is also your home.
  • Lighting: When they’re busy with project management, others might forget lighting, but it is truly one of the most impactful additions to a deck. Lighting improves safety, looks, and makes the deck more functional when the sun is down.
  • Pools and kitchens: When you have a lot going on outside, quality construction always demands we weave the features together. Your deck needs to serve your needs, and work with your pool, outdoor kitchen, pergola, and other features.

Your Deck Builder in Oakland

Honest pricing, quality materials and an impeccable deck in design and installation: can you really get all three? With Soto Bay Construction, you can. Unlike general contractors and hobbyist, we specialize in deck construction and care about the long-term beauty and quality of your yard. You should work with us because:

  • We stick to our deadlines and provide great customer service.
  • We offer honest pricing and a satisfaction guarantee.
  • We work with great materials and pay attention to details.

We offer superior dedication and craftsmanship. Plus, the building process is not all we care about. After we’re done with your deck, we’ll walk you through exactly how you can maintain it, depending on the unique materials and other design choices we’ve made. That way, you get long-term use and value from your deck. And it is another reason you know we offer honesty when walking you through your deck material choices.

Learn more about our deck building services »

Deck construction in Oakland, California

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