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Your home should be bright, functional, and beautiful on the inside, and outside. You can trust Soto Bay Construction to make it that way, with accessory dwelling unit construction or deck building. Our team can help you maximize your space, add the function you’ve always wanted you home to have and raise its value. As a leading ADU builder and deck builder in Oakland, we know that quality is most important. Our projects won’t just look good, they’ll also stay that way for years to come.

we pride ourselves being a leading ADU builder and deck builder in Oakland

Quality ADU Construction

Accessory dwelling units, also called granny flats and mother-in-law houses, are small but impactful additions to homes. You can use an ADU to add more living space to your home, allow you to host family for the long-term, or create a rentable space to give you another income stream. Whichever you need, you also need it to be high-quality in order to get maximum value from it.

At Soto Bay, we are dedicated to all the little details that will make your ADU the same or better quality as the rest of your home. The right materials and finishes are just the start. We ensure that the bones of your ADU, the electrical, HVAC and plumbing, are also high-quality, to support proper function of the whole home.

a high-quality ADU built in Oakland by our professional team
with skill and experience our team designed and created this ADU table

Why Choose an ADU Builder?

We specialize in ADU design and construction. How does our expertise benefit you over just a general renovation contractor? Here’s how:

  • Legal issues: There is a separate set of building rules for ADUs that is slightly different in each city, including Oakland. As specialists, we’re familiar with the rules and not how to construct a legal ADU so that you don’t have to deal with hassle from the government.
  • Design: An ADU is a unique project. It’s small but can include all the major design elements of a home. It takes skill and experience to design an ADU to be beautiful, functional and to fit in with the rest of the home.
  • Budget: We have experience working with all kinds of budgets and know how to keep a project on-track to avoid costing you more than you anticipate.

Deck Builder in Oakland

Honest pricing, quality materials and an impeccable deck in design and installation: can you really get all three? With Soto Bay Construction, you can. Unlike general contractors and hobbyist, we specialize in deck construction and care about the long-term beauty and quality of your yard. You should work with us because:

  • We stick to our deadlines and provide great customer service.
  • We offer honest pricing and a satisfaction guarantee.
  • We work with great materials and pay attention to details.

After we’re done with your deck, we’ll walk you through exactly how you can maintain it, depending on the unique materials and other design choices we’ve made. That way, you get long-term use and value from your deck.

Work with Soto Bay Construction

Choose the best for your home, inside and out. If you need an ADU builder in Oakland or a deck builder in Oakland, reach out to us today.

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