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More space in your home is more moments to enjoy. Or, it should be. With quality deck and ADU construction from Soto Bay Construction, you can ensure that if you’re investing in adding more to your home, you will enjoy the end results. We construct high-quality, custom decks with superior longevity. We also create valuable, well-constructed ADUs that can add the indoor space you need to make your home better. Learn about both of these options below.

high-quality custom deck built by our pro deck contractor in San Ramon
our dedicated deck experts created this beautiful deck

Why Choose Us for Deck Design?

Many homeowners consider taking on the project of their own deck, or having a general contractor do the work for them. But, choosing dedicated experts to build a deck is a better use of your time and your money, and will result in a better quality deck. We take deck building seriously. Here are some benefits you’ll get from working with us for your deck.

  • Stability: Decks need a strong foundation of graded ground, firm footings, square framing, proper joists and much more. We rely on pressure-treated lumber and high-quality fasteners to create decks that last for decades.
  • Shapes: Curved and circular decks are challenging to pull off, but we can do it. In fact, we can create any unusually shaped deck that your space may call for.
  • Materials: We procure high quality lumber or composites from dedicated local suppliers. We care about quality and can guide you to make the right choice of deck board and and fasteners.
  • Safety: We include the details that make your deck safer, including stable deck railing and staircase designs. Your deck railing can also be accessorized with custom post caps and baluster designs.
  • Stains: If you’ve chosen real wood, we can help you select a stain that enhances it best features and makes it look lovely. Or we can direct you to wood species which don’t need stains or sealant.
  • Integration: Your deck should work with the existing features of your backyard, including your porch, stairs, landscaping and more. We can integrate your deck properly.
  • Interesting features: What about custom lighting, a pergola, or a tree growing in the middle of your deck? We can do it all. Ask us for custom deck features.

We believe that building a deck is one of the best ways to upgrade your outdoor living space. See our work or call today to get started with a consultation from a licensed deck designer.

Jesus saved us a TON of money on our garage ADU conversion. Highly recommend for his professionalism and fair business practices!

Kenton Williston

Why Not Choose a General Contractor?

It can be tempting to choose a general contractor who doesn’t specifically work with decks. But doing so can have drawbacks that just aren’t worth the lower price point. Here are some areas where general contractors just don’t measure up:

  • Footing: Not all general contractors know how to build a deck that is level and has proper footing. At the two or three year mark, decks designed without proper footing blocks start to rot, and can even become dangerous.
  • Drainage: Even when you have treated wood, water needs to flow off your deck quickly, and not towards the house either. Proper deck design must direct water away, and not all general contractors can achieve this.
  • Sealer: Many people who don’t specialize in decks or care about the long term life of your planks will stain carefully for short-term aesthetics but then cut corners in applying sealant. Only very specific, costly woods can get away with this treatment and look good, without a splinter or water damage, years down the road.
  • Building codes: Are your stairs safe? Are the deck screws the right material? Will the beams support repeated use over the years? Does your deck framing meet building code standards? An amateur deck builder may not even aware of the range of building codes that apply to their project, never mind know how to meet the code.
high quality deck designed in San Ramon
simple deck with rocking chairs built in San Ramon

Your Deck Material Options

Choosing the decking materials for your new deck is one of the most important decisions in the construction process, and one that many homeowners struggle with. Wood has the most natural look and feel, and high end woods like redwood are hard to beat. However, almost all wood decks need maintenance. Composite decking like Trex requires much less maintenance and can be less expensive, but composite deck designs can look drastically different. We can help you understand your needs and wants to pick the perfect decking material for your home.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Construction

We also offer accessory dwelling units, or granny flats, in San Ramon. They might be small, but these additions bring a ton of value to a home. In fact, they are like building a small custom home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space.

We create high quality ADUs that meet or exceed the build quality of the rest of your home, so these spaces are always assets that increase the value of your home. There are more reasons to build one than just to put your home on the market, it’s great for rentals or to invite elderly parents to live with you.

ADUs can be built from scratch, added on to your home, or even made out of a converted garage.

Learn more about our ADU building services »

quality ADU built by our pros with kitchen

ADU Construction Questions

ADUs are very major remodeling. As a savvy homeowner, you want to make sure that you’re working with a team that can handle everything, from coordinating the ADU’s exterior cladding with your siding, to making sure every fixture on the inside is of high quality. We can answer all of your questions about ADU design and make sure yours is built properly.

Where Can I Build an ADU?

In San Ramon, most ADUs are built as separate structures from the home, in the yard. Or, they may be a remodel of your garage or an extension of your home.

What can I Use ADUS For?

Your ADU will have its own separate bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. As such it works perfectly as a rental space or additional space for your in-laws or teen/adult children. ADUs might also function as home offices or extra living space for you.

What Does San Ramon REquire?

As with most areas of California, San Ramon abides by state rules for ADUs and adds its own twist. In the city, ADUs must be 800 square feet or less, less than 16 feet in height, set back from property lines by four feet. There are other requirements and we can walk you through them and create a design which will be approved.

quality ADU construction in San Ramon complete with bedroom

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