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Sometimes it’s the little additions that make the most difference. That is certainly the case when it comes to ADUs and decks. As an ADU builder in Union City, we’ve seen these small spaces make huge impacts on the functionality and value of the home. Also, as deck builders in Union City, we see decks transform back yards into beautiful entertainment and lounge areas that families can truly enjoy. Transforming your home is simple with our help. Learn about our services below.

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The Best in Deck Design & Installation

When you want a great deck, material choice is key. At Soto Bay Construction, we can guide you through the process of choosing your decking materials, always focusing on honesty about which decking material is better, which require more maintenance, and whether they can fit in your budget. In general, you have two main options for deck boards:

  • Wood decking: A real wood deck can be beautiful, with the most genuine texture and color available. But wood that you choose matters a lot in terms of longevity. From cedar deck and redwood deck materials to more unique options like Ipe, we can help you choose a quality wood with the look you want. Our guidance will help you choose a wood species that you’ll be happy with for years.
  • Composite decking: the quality for composite deck materials can be hit-or-miss, but we’ve sourced some of the best options on the market. Enjoy composite wood with realistic texture and color, great longevity, and a low price. Composite decks are relatively low maintenance and are extremely long-lasting, which can make all the difference for some homeowners.

We source our lumber from Economy Lumber, a local supplier well known for its high-quality options. We take these great raw materials and create stunning decks that are perfectly supported and have detailed flourishes that make them stand out from a basic deck.

Deck Design

All of our deck projects start with a design phase. First, we determine your needs and wants for the project to determine the overall size and shape of your deck, and what kind of foundation will be necessary to facilitate it. Here we also talk about how you plan to use the deck and what role you want it to play in your outdoor living.

No matter what kind of deck you want, all of our new deck designs are built on sturdy framing, with pressure-treated support beams, posts, and joists. Pressure treated lumber is the best way to make sure your deck’s framing lasts for decades with little to no upkeep.

Next, we determine which materials would be the best options for your deck project. Between wood decking and composite decking are more options than you probably realize, and working with the experts means you’ll be able to better explore those options. We’ll also determine which fasteners, hardware, baluster types, and post caps will best complement your deck and your property.

Finally, we determine which stains, finishes and features we’ll use to tie your deck together. Staining your hardwood will give it a unique character, while sealing your deck is necessary to prevent water damage and preserve the color for the long term.

Our decks can incorporate stairs, deck railing, fencing, pergolas, lights, and even electrical outlets to make your deck more comfortable, visually pleasing, and livable.

What Can You Use an ADU for?

While the uses of a deck are obvious: enjoying your outdoor space, an ADU or accessory dwelling unit is a much more flexible part of your home that you can put to many different uses. What kind of designs might spark your interest?

  • Rental units: Make your home an income property by adding a fullyindependent ADU to rent out.
  • Mother-in-law flats: Give your mother-in-law or another family member a long-term home within your home.
  • Expanding families: Do your teens or young adults need their own space? An ADU can give them their own space.
  • Home offices: Working from home and having clients over is much simpler and more productive with an ADU.
  • Entertainment: You can also just get some extra space to entertain and enjoy.

Are you thinking of some other use for your ADU? We can help you design the most functional and beautiful space for your needs and desires.

bathroom ADU created for the bedroom

Build a Remarkable ADU with Us

Designing and building an ADU is like building a small home. So much goes into it, from plumbing to every little detail of the kitchen. Your ADU should be beautiful and also grounded in your budget and your needs. We can get you a truly remarkable ADU.

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