Deck Construction in Newark CA

Homeowners who are looking for a new space for their home need something functional, beautiful and durable. Soto Bay Construction offers just that in our deck builds and our ADU builds. For decks, we offer exceptional designs that will transform your outdoor living space into something unique and stunning. It can allow you to use your yard the way you want to–whether you want to add entertaining space, an outdoor kitchen, or something else.

Our team works hard to provide you with high quality deck and ADU construction in the Newark, CA area. Choose use for high quality design options and the safest and most structurally sound construction.

our team finished this high quality deck construction in Newark CA
a stylish deck design and construction done by our pros

Personalized Deck Design For Your Lifestyle

While remodeling your backyard can improve your property value, most homeowners are also looking for their new deck and other backyard features to make their life better too. You want something that can fulfill your dreams about how you’ll use your space. When our deck designers build a deck, they tailor their design so that you can get the backyard experience you’re looking for, whether it is:

  • Lounging on a chair by your pool
  • Entertaining large groups of people
  • Cooking food outside in a kitchen or fire pit
  • Overlooking your gardens
  • Sitting in the tree canopy
  • Anything else you’re dreaming of

We offer advanced deck-building techniques so that we can get you the deck of your dreams. We can create:

  • Multi-level decks
  • Curved decks
  • Split-level decks
  • Decks with stairs
  • Decks that match your landscaping or fencing

You can also trust us to integrate your new deck with the other essential features in your yard, including: pool, pergola, tree, garden, pond, fountain, firepit, and much more.

Our deck designs can also include high-end features which you might not have known were an option for your deck. That includes things like recessed lighting, outlets, sound systems, and much more.

Professional ADU Construction

Adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to your home can provide huge benefits. Many people who are considering moving because their home isn’t quite right, but who actually love their neighborhood and don’t want to leave, turn to ADU construction instead.

We offer practical, stylish and building-code compliant ADU designs that will change your home for the better. You can get the space and function that you need in your home, whether you are looking for:

  • Rental opportunities
  • Home office
  • Room for family
  • Room for friends
  • “Man cave” or “she shed”
  • Additional living space

Our diverse and stylish ADU layouts provide the necessities such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. They also offer a range of stylish finishes and hand selected fixtures to ensure you get the ADU that meets all of your expectations. We work directly with you to determine the exact design aspects you expect, and ensure the finished installation is exactly what you hoped for without going over your set budget.

a functional ADU layout and design
composite deck made in Newark

How to Build a Deck

One of the most important choices in building a solid deck is sorting out which decking material you want to use. Everything from deck boards to the railing, fasteners, joist and foundation blocks, needs to be a quality material that will withstand your environmental challenges and that will keep looking good for years to come. We offer access to some of the best local suppliers, and the guidance you need to choose the deck materials that will work best for you. Your basic options are:

  • Real wood: The charm and beauty of a wood deck is tough to match. If you choose real wood you’ll have plenty of great hardwood options such as redwood, teak, ipe, and more. Your deck railing can also be made from the same material. Wood decks require a certain amount of maintenance, which could include staining and sealing. Some varieties of wood need less maintenance than others. Our deck design can help you choose.
  • Composite wood: Composite decking once had the reputation of looking “fake” but newer composite woods achieve much better aesthetics and many look close to natural, including Trex. You can’t stain a composite but most are available in a wide range of great colors. The main benefit of a composite deck is that it doesn’t need the maintenance real wood does.

While some general contractors will use pressure-treated wood, this is a mistake when building a deck. Treated lumber cannot withstand the environment well enough to provide a safe and stable deck for multiple years.

Also, those who don’t specialize in deck-building may not realize what is required to design and install a high-quality deck. We’re different and care about the squareness of the framing, the strength of the beams, and the drainage of water off the deck. A deck designer can show you what your deck needs, from footing and spacing to post caps.

Why You Should Choose Soto Bay Construction

We put a lot of pride into the quality of our ADU construction and deck installations in the Newark CA area. When you choose Soto Bay Construction as your deck builder or ADU builder, you are getting:

  • An exceptional attention to detail with our designs and construction
  • Projects that meet deadlines accurately and constantly
  • An honest up-front pricing with every quote offered
  • Responsive and helpful customer service

Let’s Get Started

We offer honest pricing with every estimate so you have no surprises. Our project deadlines are met in a timely fashion. We provide exceptional attention to detail in all of our designs and construction, whether decks or ADUs. We are highly responsive to customer service and we answer all of your questions. Let us help you achieve the project you desire. Give us a call today.