Deck Construction in Newark CA

At Soto Bay Construction, we offer a range of high quality deck construction projects for residents of Newark, CA. A new deck is a great way to provide your family and friends with a spacious outdoor entertainment spot, as well as improve the exterior aesthetics of your home. Our team works hard to provide you with high quality deck and ADU construction in the Newark CA area. When it comes to providing high quality design options and the safest and most structurally sound construction, our deck installations can meet and exceed your expectations.

our team finished this high quality deck construction in Newark CA
a stylish deck design and construction done by our pros

Quality Deck Design and Construction

We put an emphasis on quality deck design and properly supported construction. Decks we construct will provide you with many years of use and enjoyment, and can even improve your overall property values which makes it a worthwhile investment for many homeowners to consider. We focus on not just the big picture, but the tiny details as well to ensure you get the perfect deck that matches your design expectations.

We offer both wood and composite construction options. Our suppliers can provide a wide range of wood species so you can match the exterior aesthetics of your existing home and landscaping. Whether you are looking for a lightwood such as pine and birch, or a darker wood such as maple and stained oak, we can source a wide range of wood tones and grains to suit your needs.

For composite construction, we work with suppliers that offer a wide range of high quality composite materials. We can design and construct a high quality and stylish deck that not only meets or exceeds your expectations, but remains within your set budget as well.

Professional ADU Construction

If you’re a homeowner that is considering a room extension or two, we stand behind our stylish and functional ADU layouts and designs. Not only are you getting a customized room extension, but you’re basically getting a tiny house addition. We ensure our accessory dwelling units provide a range of essential living features such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space that gives you plenty of room for extending your family or entertaining visitors.

Our diverse and stylish ADU layouts provide the necessities such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. They also offer a range of stylish finishes and hand selected fixtures to ensure you get the ADU that meets all of your expectations. We work directly with you to determine the exact design aspects you expect, and ensure the finished installation is exactly what you hoped for without going over your set budget.

a functional ADU layout and design

Why You Should Choose Soto Bay Construction

We put a lot of pride into the quality of our ADU construction and deck installations in the Newark CA area. When you choose Soto Bay Construction, you are getting:

  • An exceptional attention to detail with our designs and construction
  • Projects that meet deadlines accurately and constantly
  • An honest up-front pricing with every quote offered
  • Responsive and helpful customer service

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