Deck Construction in Hayward and Beyond

Many people who purchased their home in part for its beautiful yard find that they don’t end up using it as much as they’d like. A new deck is the best way to make this space more functional, beautiful, and more valuable for your family. If you want to spend your time overlooking your gardens, entertaining friends and family, grilling delicious meals, and more, then a new quality deck is the essential foundation you need.

Soto Bay Construction can create a quality deck that will elevate the look and function of your yard. If you want a deck builder in Hayward that stays on budget, uses the highest-quality materials, and delivers installations that exceed expectations, you’re in the right place. Our custom deck designs and installations will add beauty and value to your home that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Your Deck’s Details

Most contractors could build some kind of deck if you asked them. But what kind of quality will you get from contractors that don’t have that much experience? Contractors who are experienced deck builders are more dedicated to the details and final quality of your deck. These decks will be more stable, square, and made of better materials so that you get a safe deck that lasts longer and is an asset to your home value for years to come.

As experienced deck builders in Hayward, we have the skills and experience to pull off unusual deck options, including curves, multiple tiers or layers, and integration with other backyard features from pools to outdoor kitchens. We won’t just focus on the bare minimum of your deck, like the sturdiness of the foundation, but every intricate detail that you’re imagining.

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High-End Decking Materials

A high-quality deck starts with the right materials. We get your deck materials from Economy Lumber. This business is a longtime supplier of high-end lumber products to the Santa Clara Valley. You can choose the unique material that you need to get the right look, style, and durability for your deck. We’ll guide you through your options, explaining in no-nonsense terms which materials are better than others and which might fit in with your project budget. In general, your options include:

  • Wood Deck Materials: From darkly stained cedar to raw redwood, we have so many high quality hardwood decking materials to choose from. With genuine wood grains and a wide variety of natural and stylish shades to choose from, wood is an excellent choice for your deck. Most wooden decking materials need stain and sealant every few years. Otherwise, your deck could fade and splinter.
  • Composite Deck Materials: As with wood, different composite decking materials, like Trex, offer different levels of quality. We are dedicated to sourcing the best composite materials that offer you a lower price, great longevity, and realistic looks. Composite decking is generally a low maintenance option.

All of our decks are built on pressure treated lumber for superior stability and longevity. Whether you want an inviting front porch or to improve your backyard’s outdoor living space, a long-lasting deck is the answer.

Better Decks from Top to Bottom

There is a lot more that goes into a great deck than good deck boards:

  • Footing and posts. Building a firm foundation is key to a long-lasting and safe deck.
  • Joists. A joist is the board that runs under the decking boards form the base of your deck. Here, spacing, sizing, and quality workmanship are key to prevent warping, cracking, or other forms of deck failure. We use high-quality pressure-treated wood for all joists.
  • Railings and guards. Any deck more than 36 inches higher than the grade requires deck railing. This can range from an all-wood construction with vertical balusters to something more stylized, like stainless steel cable rails. We can also offer custom post caps, railing with integrating lighting, and more, all painstakingly finished and stained to match your new deck.
  • Stairs. Most decks more than a foot higher than the grade will incorporate some element of stairs, either down to the ground, up to the house, or both.
  • Hardware. It’s important to choose high quality fasteners and hardware to connect your deck’s components at critical junctures, while also avoiding corrosion and the eyesores of mismatched hardware.
  • Decking boards. The decking boards are the part that most people will notice first, so they should be highly attractive, but they also need to withstand ongoing foot traffic and exposure. Balancing these needs makes the difference between a deck that looks good ten years down the line, and a deck that only looks good for the first year.

Of course, there are plenty of other elements that can be used to accent your deck by adding features or visual interest. From incorporating a live tree to recessed lighting and hidden electrical chargers, there are so many ways to make your deck a more functional and central part of your outdoor living. We can also incorporate existing elements into your new deck design, such as complementing a pergola or swimming pool.

I’ve been having Soto Bay Construction work for me, family, friends and clients for the past 11 years. They have done all aspects of construction from foundations through roof including building a new house for me. They are very reliable with good pricing and I have never had any issues with their work. From framing to finish work it is very professional. I always know I can count on them to do an excellent job.

Michael Casey Bradley

Why Choose Soto Bay Construction?

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Why work with Soto Bay Construction as your deck builder in Hayward?

  • We stick to project timelines.
  • We have exceptional attention to detail.
  • We offer honest pricing on every estimate.
  • We’re dedicated to customer service.
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee.

We take care of everything involved in deck additions, from permits to the last screw. We’ll also walk you through what you need to do in order to maintain your deck, and protect this asset so that you get the most use out of it.

Reach out today to discuss what kind of deck you’re thinking of adding to your backyard.

Deck Construction in Hayward and More

Our team regularly designs and builds decks in Hayward, but we are also available for work in Berkeley, San Leandro, Castro Valley, and more. See our current service area or call today to learn more.

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