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Accessory Dwelling Unit & Deck Building Services in Castro Valley, CA

Many homeowners dream of having an elegant deck space or a second kitchen in an ADU. No homeowners dream of a deck that falls apart in a few years or an ADU kitchen that is annoying to use due to poor design. At Soto Bay Construction, we’re here to make your dreams for a new space for your home come true with a quality finished product that will live up to your high expectations. We’re specialists in both ADUs and decks in Castro Valley, and you can trust us to accomplish amazing things for you.

our team finished building this ADU that features a kitchen in Castro Valley
an elegant deck with smoky grey deck boards installed in Castro Valley, California
deck with second story balcony

Elegant Deck Design and Construction

Almost any contractor could whip up a deck if you asked them. But you won’t get the same quality that you would from a qualified deck builder. They have more experience, better training, and are more dedicated to the quality of work they produce.

We can offer you stable, square decks that are safe, legal, and will last for years. But that isn’t all. We can take on the unique deck projects that truly enhance your yard and enable you to use it the way you’ve always dreamed.

The best deck designs start with the best materials, and all of our projects are built using the best components available. That means nothing but high quality pressure-treated wood for deck framing and joist beams, deep concrete footing, long-lasting deck board options, heavy duty fasteners and hardware, and sealing. Our decks are also designed with drainage in mind to help each homeowner protect their investment.

Some of the more elegant deck concepts we can pull off include:

  • Curves and other shapes
  • Integration with the garden
  • Integration with fencing
  • Sophisticated deck railing, such as steel cable rails
  • Custom baluster and post caps
  • Built in pergola and trellis designs
  • Built in deck lighting
  • Stairs, including multi-tier stairways
  • Other outdoor living features and accessories

Our deck building team can also work with virtually any decking material for your new deck, including composite decking, exotic lumber, classic hardwood decking materials like redwood, and more. Staining your deck can achieve even more unique designs, allowing your new deck to complement any style of architecture.

Working with an expert-level deck designer is the best way to make sure you’re building a deck that will fit your home and lifestyle for years to come, helping you get more out of your outdoor living space.

See our gallery for examples of our work.

How is it possible that Chuy, Chuy Junior and family spent 14 months working on our house during COVID and I still like them?? Our standards are high – we work as a very high performing real estate agents in the East Bay and we know every contractor/vendor under the sun…Wonderful work; wonderful experience, delightful people. Our house is gorgeous.

David Gunderman

Your Deck Material Options

In general, you have two choices for your deck: real wood and composites. Choosing between them, and the more specific variety is one of the most important decisions to determine the quality of your deck. We suggest you discuss your options with your designer, who can offer you personalized advice. But here are the basics you should know about each material:

  • Wooden decks: Wood offers the most beautiful textures and colors available, but quality varies highly by species. You can choose a low-cost wood and stain it to get more out of it, or choose a very high-quality wood with natural waterproofing, like Ipe, and save significantly on maintenance and replacement.
  • Composite decks: Quality varies when it comes to composite decks too. While they need significantly less maintenance than real wood, they can also be more expensive. The best composite options do offer realistic texture and color to rival great real wood options.
wood is the most versatile when it comes to building decks

Your ADU Options

Along with decks, we also offer accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Castro Valley. These units are like adding a small home to your home, complete with a kitchen, a bathroom, and other living spaces. You can use ADUs to enhance your home in many ways, including:

  • Rental unit: You can create a completely separate rental unit in your home with an ADU and gain passive income from renting it out.
  • Home office: Some businesses can’t be run from a single room in your home. But, building a whole office onto your home can give you flexibility to pursue your professional goals.
  • Nanny-flat: Taking in elderly family members is much more convenient when you have a dedicated space for them.
  • Entertainment space: Throw the parties of your dreams and have long-term guests stay in your ADU.

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