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Homeowners who need more quality space in their homes, whether indoors or outdoors, should count on the team at Soto Bay Construction. We specialize in creating high-quality and functional ADUs and decks in Hayward. You can trust us to create a space on the inside or outside of your home that is practical, valuable, and beautiful. You can get a space that you actually want to use and that has the durability to last for years and years. Discover more about what we offer homes in Hayward below.

our team built this ADU in Hayward
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Experienced Deck Builders

To those who are inexperienced, decks look like simple wooden platforms. However, take a look through your local building codes or a best practices guide and you’ll find that there is much more to creating a deck than you might imagine. These details are what separates a high-quality deck from one that will begin to rot right away. And the team at Soto Bay Construction is dedicated to these details and creating a stable, beautiful deck every time. See why our experience makes all the difference.

Delightful ADU Design

Even though your reasons for adding an ADU to your property may be quite similar to your neighbor’s reasons, you still want something that looks and feels unique. The best ADUs are tailored to your home, your tastes and your needs from the space. We focus on personalized designs that will truly delight you.

While we’re designing with you and learning about your needs from your ADU we will explore what you might want from your ADU. Common desires include:

  • Rental space: You might need a self-contained rental space that will be appealing to your target renters, whether they are family or strangers.
  • Home value increase: ADUs should increase your home value considerably.
  • Modern and bright: Who doesn’t want a space with natural light and modern styling?
  • Family sanctuary: Sometimes your ADU is best as a space for teenagers or your adult children.
  • Smart space: Incorporating technology into your ADU is a smart way to maximize its potential.
  • Space for aging: For older adults, designing a space that takes their needs and limitations into amount is a huge priority.

Whatever your needs from your ADU, we can achieve it with a high degree of quality while also working within your budget. Trust us to handle the boring details like regulations and plumbing layouts, so you can focus on the fun decisions like materials and features.

delightful ADU added to the property

What to Expect from Soto Bay Construction

You should have high expectations for any contractor working in your home, whether they are creating the small deck for a hot tub or a large ADU to transform your home. We’re dedicated to meeting your expectations by:

  • Meeting project deadlines and respecting your budget
  • Providing professional, honest support and estimates
  • Following through with attention to detail in every project

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. If you need a deck of ADU builder in Hayward, reach out to us today.

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