ADU & Deck Construction in San Lorenzo

It is possible to get more quality space in your home, both inside and outside. As your family grows, your needs change, and your home ages, it makes sense to choose an ADU or a deck. Either can refresh your space and improve your appreciation for your home. But it is a missed opportunity if you add a deck or an ADU that isn’t up to the original quality construction of your home (or better.) Trust Soto Bay Construction to offer exceptionally high-quality decks and ADUs that truly enhance your home.

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Deck Design and Installation

Why not choose a general contractor for your deck installation? Take a peek in backyards in San Lorenzo and you’ll see why. Many companies that offer professional deck installation actually have little in-depth knowledge of how to construct a deck that will truly last. Instead, in a few years, these decks crumble, reduce the value of the home, and even become safety issues.

When you choose Soto Bay Construction, you get a deck with exceptional design. Your deck will be completely legal, look great, stand the test of time, and have the bells and whistles you need to use the deck the way you want to. Our design process is detailed, and we custom tailor the design to your needs and your specific space. Then, our installation team takes their time installing it to high standards, including using high-quality fasteners, creating solid foundations and more.

Choose Better Materials for Your Deck

One thing that sets a deck from us apart is the use of better materials. We can get you access to the deck materials that will fit your budget but also offer the color, texture, durability, and maintenance level that you like. We can offer you professional advice to help you find the material that meets your needs for quality and beauty.

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Why Consider an ADU?

We also specialize in accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, that add more space inside of your home. These additions should be thoughtfully designed to meet your unique needs and accomplish your goals for your home. What kind of value can an ADU bring for you? Here are some options:

  • Increased home value: An ADU can make your property more desirable for sale, especially if it adds a dedicated and separate rental space. As they include kitchens, bathrooms, and additional bedrooms, ADUs are often sizable increases in value.
  • More living space: Who doesn’t need more living space? Whether you want to entertain more people, your teen children need their own space, or you need a home office or hobby area, ADUs offer considerable space (they can do all three!)
  • Rental options: You can use your home to produce passive income with a rental unit ADU.
  • Aging options: As you age, you may want to share your space with other family members, or you may want to bring in your own parents to your home. ADUs enable that.

Choose Soto Bay Construction

We offer ADU and deck construction in San Lorenzo, CA. Reach out to us to get started.

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