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It is possible to get more quality space in your home, both inside and outside. As your family grows, your needs change, and your home ages, it makes sense to choose an ADU or a deck. Either can refresh your space and improve your appreciation for your home. But it is a missed opportunity if you add a deck or an ADU that isn’t up to the original quality construction of your home (or better.) Trust Soto Bay Construction to offer exceptionally high-quality decks and ADUs that truly enhance your home.

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Deck Design and Installation

Why not choose a general contractor for your deck installation? Take a peek in backyards in San Lorenzo and you’ll see why. Building a deck is not as simple as it looks. Many companies that offer professional deck installation actually have little in-depth knowledge of how to construct a deck that will truly last. Instead, they may have damaged deck framing, crumbling wood decking or sagging deck boards in only a few years. They become safety issues and may reduce the value of them home.

When you choose Soto Bay Construction, you get a deck with exceptional design. Your deck will be completely legal, look great, stand the test of time, and have the bells and whistles you need to use the deck the way you want to. Our design process is detailed, and we custom tailor the design to your needs and your specific space and landscaping. Then, our installation team takes their time installing it to high standards, including using high-quality fasteners, creating solid foundations and more. When you leave deck building to the specialists, you get a much better product.

High-End Deck Builder

As deck builders in San Lorenzo, we have the skills and experience to make quality decks with exceptional features that will last for many years in our dry and challenging environment. We build sound, square decks with proper footing, support and drainage. We care about how, and if, your deck is attached to the home and how that affects both structures.

You can trust our deck designers to add in the little features that make our decks stand out. That includes built-in lighting, outlets, proper handrails and railings, and so much more. Trust us to build:

  • Wraparound decks
  • Multi-tier decks
  • Floating decks
  • Attached decks
  • Decks with stairs
  • Decks that connect to your porch
  • Front porches and entryways
  • Decks for side yards

When we build a deck for you, we care about creating the kind of outdoor living space you want.

we can help you choose the best deck materials

Choose Better Materials for Your Deck

One thing that sets a deck from us apart is the quality of the decking material itself. We can get you access to the deck materials that will fit your budget but also offer the color, texture, durability, and maintenance level that you like. You can match it to your stairs, fencing, or railing, or use multiple materials for a different look. Here are the main options that work with our quality deck designs:

  • Composite decking: Trex and other composite decking products have come a long way since they were first invented. The newest composites have great looks and mimic the natural texture of real woods very closely. They retain their advantage of needing much less maintenance and being more durable than all but they very best wood. We can get you composite with almost any color, and you will not need to stain a composite deck again, unlike wood.
  • Real wood deck: You have to be careful with which wood you select for you deck, but the right choice can be low maintenance and durable. A new deck built with a real wood is a sight to behold. But, they also tend to get more beautiful over time. Materials like cedar change color as they age which adds character to your outdoor space. Higher end woods will also need less maintenance.

We can offer you professional advice to help you find the material that meets your needs for quality and beauty. Know that we recommend that you do not build your deck out of materials such as pressure-treated lumber, or other kinds of treated wood, as they will not last long. We also care about the materials of your decks screws, other fasteners, joists, framing, and footing. Talk to us about the best choice of materials for your deck design.

ADU Design

While an ADU might seem like a simple home addition, they are more like building a small custom home from a construction company perspective. Any ADU needs to have all of the essential spaces in a home, from kitchen and bathroom to bedroom and living room. As high quality ADU builders, we also place emphasis on the quality of the essential systems that you might not think about, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical and more. Our emphasis on great construction techniques for these systems is part of what makes our ADU project so high quality.

Of course, when you’re designing your ADU you also care about the finishes, fixtures and features that make it ideal for your use or appealing as a rental property. What will the kitchen look like? How much storage can fit into an ADU of your size? How can you most conveniently lay out the bathroom? Our designers can help answer those questions and build an ADU you’ll love.

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) Construction Services

We specialize in accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, that add more space inside of your home. These additions should be thoughtfully designed to meet your unique needs and accomplish your goals for your home. What kind of value can an ADU bring for you? Here are some options:

  • Increased home value: An ADU can make your property more desirable for sale, especially if it adds a dedicated and separate rental space. As they include kitchens, bathrooms, and additional bedrooms, ADUs are often sizable increases in value.
  • More living space: Who doesn’t need more living space? Whether you want to entertain more people, your teen children need their own space, or you need a home office or hobby area, ADUs offer considerable space (they can do all three!)
  • Rental options: You can use your home to produce passive income with a rental unit ADU.
  • Aging options: As you age, you may want to share your space with other family members, or you may want to bring in your own parents to your home. ADUs enable that.

All of our ADUs are built using the highest quality materials and can be fully customized to meet your exacting needs and tastes. Our extensive experience means we can also finish your ADU construction in a reasonable amount of time, while other builders may drag construction out for over a year.

Our experience building ADUs in San Lorenzo also means that we’re versed with all local ADU regulations and limitations. That means less time wasted for you.

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