Deck skirting is any material you place around the deck, to cover the gap between the ground and the flooring of the deck. It is like bed skirting, a finishing touch that not everyone chooses to add, but that can make a real statement when you do use it. Discover your deck skirting options and things to consider when you’re adding the skirting below.

Deck Skirting Options

When you think of deck skirting you might think of thin wooden lattice. This is a cheap and therefore fairly common skirting option, but it is far from your only one. Here is an exploration of the pros and cons of some of the most interesting deck skirting materials:

  • Your deck material: Whatever material you have used for your deck is a natural choice for the skirting. However, this can be an expansive option. It also may not be your best choice visually. Many of the best deck skirting adds contrast with the main material.
  • Wood: While expensive, adding planks of wood is a great deck skirting option. It can make the deck look solid, well-built, and like it can better withstand the elements.
  • Bricks: Bricks are another relatively expensive look, and they are an unusual choice for beneath a deck, but they can look unique and pleasing for that reason. You can add a wide range of textures and colors with brick. It is guaranteed to contrast with your deck no matter what material you used.
  • Lattice: Wooden lattice is a common deck skirting option. It looks nice, but it doesn’t last very long and it doesn’t completely block out the space under the deck. Vinyl lattice is a similar option and is usually available in a wider range of colors.
  • Stone: Natural stone is an elegant option for deck skirting. It adds class and great looks, but it is also expensive.

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Things to Consider About Deck Skirting

When adding deck skirting it is important that you consider a few things:

  • Access: You will need to be able to access the area beneath the deck, so the skirting cannot block it off completely. You may add a small door when you’re using solid materials.
  • Ventilation: Trapping moisture beneath it is a sure way to undermine the quality of your deck. When you’ve chosen a lattice, you don’t need to worry about this, but solid materials like brick and stone need to have ventilation built in.
  • Longevity: How does the longevity of the material you’ve added as a skirt compare to the longevity of the actual deck? How will you protect it from rot, especially considering it is in contact with the ground? If you will need to replace this material mid-way through the life of the deck, you should plan for that now.

Not sure about deck skirting? Before you choose any one material for deck skirting, ask the professional deck builders in San Leandro for a mock-up of how it will look. That way you’re more likely to be pleased with the end results. We’re also happy to offer deck construction services in Hayward, Oakland, Union City, and more.