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When the sun is shining in Albany, everyone wants to take advantage of it. Enjoy your backyard more, and for longer into the cold season, with an elegant deck. We offer well-constructed decks and ADUs that can improve the inside and outside of your home. As experienced, professional builders, we care about the final quality of your deck, its legality, how long it will last, and how well it will enable the lifestyle you want to live. Learn more about working with us below.

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Professional Deck Design and Installation

Why work with professionals who focus on deck design? We know more than a general contractor will, including about proper installation that will help you deck last for years with low maintenance, instead of becoming a dangerous eyesore in only a few years. In Albany, you have weather concerns that some contractors in California may not be used to dealing with—but we can ensure you deck can handle winter.

When you work with the team at Soto Bay Construction, you get true professionals who have real knowledge to pass on. We can help you design a deck that will look right for your home, be the right size for your intended purpose, be the perfect shape to match even an oddly shaped backyard, and overall be more personalized to suit your needs than decks from other companies.

Interesting Deck Options

The plain, square decks in some backyards might convince you that’s your only option. But, decks can be more interesting and add more value to your home too. There is lots of room to experiment with decks, including choosing unusual materials, building multiple levels, adding privacy features and incorporating the deck with a pool or a garden. Smartly designed decks can fulfil multiple needs, easily transitioning from a big pool party to an intimate evening with just you and your special someone.

Our process for designing a deck is to focus on your needs and wants to narrow down on deck basics, including size and shape. Then we work upwards, planning the details of your foundation, supports, wood or composite, and finishes. We might also add stairways, pergolas, lights, electrical outlets and other practical features.

deck integration with the garden
an ADU construction done by our pros

ADU Construction

We also provide ADU construction in Albany. ADUs are an excellent way to add more space to your home, but make it feel more self-contained than a simple home addition would. If you’re thinking of adding an ADU, you might use it for:

  • Rentals: Add a passive income stream with a rental unit in your home.
  • Hosting: If family or friends like to stay over, giving them their own space can make entertaining simpler.
  • Aging in place: Older family members who need to stay with you for the long term can use their own purpose-built space to suit their needs.
  • Increasing home value: ADUs can make your home more attractive to buyers.

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Talk to us about our exceptional design, reasonable construction timelines, and emphasis on high quality installation. Choose us for ADU and deck construction in Albany, CA.

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