No one likes to feel watched on their deck. If yours is exposed and your neighbors can see your space, even if it is just from their second floor windows, you will probably want to invest in some kind of privacy screen. Thankfully, there are many options on the market. You can choose something that fits with the unique style of your space, and that also allows you enough of a view of your own space for your needs. We have many deck privacy options for you below.

1. Bamboo Screens

For privacy, you can use either real bamboo in strategically placed containers or cut and dried bamboo arranged into screens. Both options can lend an Asian-inspired feel to your space. Or, when surrounded by décor and plants of other styles, they can simply add the privacy that you need. Bamboo is a highly flexible plant that you can play up or play down.

2. Corner Pergolas

Adding a whole pergola over your deck space can be expensive. It may also limit your light and thus your enjoyment of the space. Adding just a small pergola to one or both corners of your deck is a better option. As it has a bit of a roof, the pergola can block some of your neighbor’s view of your deck from their second story. Plus, they’re a great option for growing vines that can dangle down from the roof.

3. Grass or Other Plantings

There are many ornamental grasses and shrubs which can grow large enough to act as a privacy screen. Both need more maintenance than many other privacy options, but they have the advantage of creating a very natural and green-feeling space. If you choose real plants, space them a bit away from your deck, so that any fruits they produce won’t stain the deck.

4. Artificial Hedges

Don’t like the idea of having to care for even more plants? Then choosing an artificial hedge might be the right option for you. Your screen can be as simple as some cattle panels with fake vines woven through them. Be careful with this option though. You’ll need to purchase high-quality fake plants for them to stand up to close inspection.

5. Tall Potted Plants

Not sure how much privacy you’ll want, or where you’ll want it? Before you invest in any of the more permanent privacy solutions on this list you might first choose some large pots and tall plants to go in them. Then you can place them in different spots and experiment with where you might want a future privacy screen to sit. Or, you might just find that you need the flexibility of the potted plants and choose to make them your long-term solution.

6. Pergola Fences

You can add extra privacy to your property fencing by adding a pergola-like roof to certain sections, or the whole thing. As with the corner pergola we covered earlier in this list, this helps block the view neighbors may have of your space from their higher windows, or even from tall decks.